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If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the options, details and decisions to be made

  • Lack the time, design ideas and connections to proven service providers that will bring your vision to life

  • Want to leave problem solving and logistics to a professional planner rather than worrying about all of the "what ifs"

Then calling Celebrations By Heart is the perfect place to start.  We will help you find peace and confidence by making the planning process easy and enjoyable and ensure that you, your family and friends all enjoy your special day

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“As the bride, I was able to completely relax on my wedding day and trust that Julie

had everything under control.  She took care of things that I hadn't even thought of.

Julie's incredibly attentive to details and extremely invested in her clients' peace of mind.”

L.K.A | wedding client


H&E Wedding 

Fall 2017


I was initially skeptical that we needed 'help', especially since we were having a small wedding with only 70 guests. But after we started I really appreciated Julie's caring attention to detail and ability to listen to my bride, and take the  organizing and detail burden off of her.

For me specifically what made me appreciate her value was the professionalism she brings from years as an executive in hospitality (she knows all the hard questions to ask space providers, caterers and others),  plus she gave us a  weekly punch list of decisions that we needed to make that month/ week, so I was confident and comfortable we were in good hands and the job would get done.  

Bottom line for me was the bottom line. Day one, she laid out a typical but very complete and accurate budget  (It was an eye opener to see the detail having started with the idea that this was just a bigger dinner party and we know how to do those right?).  Most important she worked with us to figure out ways to reduce costs and still have a great event. In particular, she gave us trade offs,  options, and ideas so I never for a second thought she wasn't looking out for our financial interests. 

In retrospect, I am so glad we did not take it on alone.  Thanks to Julie  we had an amazing wedding, pretty much stress free, that was all ours, and friends are still telling me how much fun they had (without any prodding from me!).

B&P Wedding

Fall 2018

There is nothing more refreshing than working with someone who is truly aligned with their purpose. Julie is a natural. Not only is she extremely professional, refreshingly organized and highly experienced, she is also warm, welcoming, creative and SO easy to work with.

Planning a wedding is exciting and fun, but to be honest, I didn't realize how much it would bring up for me on an emotional level. Julie has been there for me throughout this entire process through all the ups and downs and I honestly can't imagine doing it without her. When we were searching for our venue and interviewing vendors she knew exactly what questions to ask, and ended up saving us a lot of time and money as well! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up... highly recommend!

Julie helped plan my wedding and did an outstanding job! Every detail was thought out ahead of time and communication was great. Organization is key and the day was very smooth... no glitches at all. Brenda, Julie's assistant, was at our reception the day of and took care of everything. I really didn't interact with any of the caterers as everything was set up and packed up at the end with no issues. Overall, the service and organization was exceptional. Julie is top notch and I highly recommend her for any large event.

M&T Wedding

Spring 2017

B&V Wedding

Spring 2017


Julie did a superb job of coordinating my daughter's May 2017 wedding.  The wedding was a joy, and everything happened as planned.  We got excellent advice on flowers, timing, the wedding ceremony, the reception.  I'm so glad she worked with us!
Thank you to Julie and two thumbs up!